Jersey : JSON Support

[Fuente :] JSON Support Table of Contents 5.1. POJO support 5.2. JAXB Based JSON support 5.2.1. Configuration Options 5.2.2. JSON Notations 5.2.3. Examples 5.3. Low-Level JSON support 5.3.1. Examples Jersey JSON support comes as a set of JAX-RS MessageBodyReader<T> and MessageBodyWriter<T> providers distributed with jersey-json module. These providers enable using three basic approaches when working with JSON […]

Jersey RESTFul Services : Overview de JAX-RS 1.1

Chapter 2. Overview of JAX-RS 1.1 [Fuente :] Table of Contents 2.1. Root Resource Classes 2.1.1. @Path 2.1.2. HTTP Methods 2.1.3. @Produces 2.1.4. @Consumes 2.2. Deploying a RESTful Web Service 2.3. Extracting Request Parameters 2.4. Representations and Java Types 2.5. Building Responses 2.6. Sub-resources 2.7. Building URIs 2.8. WebApplicationException and Mapping Exceptions to Responses 2.9. Conditional […]

Jersey RESTFul services : Getting started

[Fuente:] Table of Contents 1.1. Creating a root resource 1.2. Deploying the root resource 1.3. Testing the root resource 1.4. Here’s one Paul created earlier This chapter will present how to get started with Jersey using the embedded Grizzly server. The last section of this chapter presents a reference to equivalent functionality for getting […]

GAE: Users service

App Engine applications can authenticate users who have Google Accounts, accounts on your own Google Apps domain, or OpenID identifiers. An application can detect whether the current user has signed in, and can redirect the user to a sign-in page to sign in or create a new account. While a user is signed in to […]

Eclipse: Cómo hacer más cómodo el trabajo con Eclipse

[Fuente: ] Lo parezca o no, trabajar cómodo con nuestro entorno de desarrollo es muy importante de cara a la productividad. Es por eso que nos cuesta tanto cambiarnos a otro IDE cuando estamos acostumbrados a uno concreto. Nos sentimos perdidos, todo lo que es diferente nos parece peor. Porque no hay nada como escribir […]

GAE : Objectify : Guia de usuario : Transacciones

Transactions are where Objectify departs most significantly from the patterns set by the Low-Level API and JDO/JPA. Objectify’s transactions are inspired by EJB and NDB transactions: Designed to allow modular, convenient transactional logic with a minimum of boilerplate. You should familiarize yourself with the GAE Transactions documentation. Basic Transactions A basic transaction looks like this: import static com.googlecode.objectify.ObjectifyService.ofy; […]

GAE : Objectify : Guia de usuario : Introducción

Introduction Introduction to Objectify Objectify is a Java data access API specifically designed for the Google App Engine datastore. It’s goals are to: Be easy to learn and understand. Support all native datastore features in an intuitive, human-friendly way. Model sophisticated, strongly-typed, polymorphic data structures. Enable modular, EJB-like transactional logic. Increase performance and decrease cost […]