GAE : Objectify : Guia de usuario : Introducción

Introduction Introduction to Objectify Objectify is a Java data access API specifically designed for the Google App Engine datastore. It’s goals are to: Be easy to learn and understand. Support all native datastore features in an intuitive, human-friendly way. Model sophisticated, strongly-typed, polymorphic data structures. Enable modular, EJB-like transactional logic. Increase performance and decrease cost […]

GAE: Tutorial: Code Lab Exercise 2: Transactions, Memcache and Relationships

Goal This tutorial will demonstrate the following: Memory Cache using Google Memory Caching Service Handling Transactions Model the relationships across the entities This code lab is an extension to the previous code lab, adding transactions, caching & relationship management. This exercise builds on the previous product catalog, with entities Customer and Order added to demonstrate a sample […]

GAE: Tutorial: Code Lab Exercise 1: Working with Entities

Goal This tutorial guides you through the process of creating a sample application to perform CRUD operations on entities. These entities are stored and retrieved using the DataStore APIs from datastore defined by GAE. For this exercise we will build a sample product catalog with two entities: Product and Item. The application provides UI to perform […]

GAE: Almacenando datos

Storing Data The App Engine environment provides a range of options for storing your data: App Engine Datastore provides a NoSQL schemaless object datastore, with a query engine and atomic transactions. Google Cloud SQL provides a relational SQL database for your App Engine application, based on the familiar MySQL database. Google Cloud Storage provides a […]

GAE: Primeros pasos

[Fuente:] This tutorial describes how to develop and deploy a simple Java project with Google App Engine. The example project, a guest book, demonstrates how to use the Java runtime environment, and how to use several App Engine services, including the datastore and Google Accounts. This tutorial has the following sections: Introduction Installing the […]

GAE: Introducción al App Engine Java

Con App Engine , podemos construir aplicaciones web utilizando tecnologia Java estandar y ejecutarlas en las infraestructuras escalables de Google. El entorno Java proporciona una máquina virtual Java 6 , un interfaz de Servlets de Java y soporte para interfaces estandares para acceder a los datastores y servicios escalables de Google, tales como JDO, JPA, […]

Opera Mini: guía para maquetadores

[Fuente:] Indice Introduction Mobile browsing in a nutshell Developing for the mobile web Design considerations HTML and CSS support Basic HTML and CSS Rendering modes Image formats, animation, and video Typography Downloads Metadata JavaScript support Supported events Popup support Ajax support operamini object object operamini.sms object Customising content for Mini User-Agent sniffing Feature strings […]