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Flutter Local Notifications Plugin

[Fuente:] A cross platform plugin for displaying local notifications. Supported Platforms # Android API 16+ (4.1+, the minimum version supported by Flutter). Uses the NotificationCompat APIs so it can be run older Android devices iOS 8.0+ (the minimum version supported by Flutter). Supports the old and new iOS notification APIs (the User Notifications Framework introduced […]

Ventajas de desarrolla web apps modernas con ReactJS

[Fuente:] Cómo los negocios online pueden sacar el máximo partido de utilizar React If we talk about the 2010’s, we have observed a massive growth in modern web and mobile applications, powered by lightweight and sophisticated JavaScript libraries. Better user experience is now derived from the speed of the application and as more customers start […]

React Native Animations – Info compilation

[Fuente:] [Fuente:] [Fuente:] Animations Animations are very important to create a great user experience. Stationary objects must overcome inertia as they start moving. Objects in motion have momentum and rarely come to a stop immediately. Animations allow you to convey physically believable motion in your interface. React Native provides two complementary animation […]

Publishing a NativeScript Android App in Google Play

[Fuente:] Compilar y firmar tu aplicación desde la línea de comandos No necesitas Android Studio para firmar tu aplicación. Puedes hacerlo desde la línea de comandos con la herramienta apksigner, o bien configurar Gradle para que se encargue de ello durante la compilación. En cualquier caso, debes generar primero una clave privada usando keytool. Por ejemplo: […]

Angular2 – Custom project & Workflow setup

An alternative to create the project with the Angular CLI. A custom way. Create Angular applications with a Webpack based tooling. Official doc: Initializing the project We run npm init to create a package.json. Setting up the basic project files Lets make the folder structure and blank files: src folder src/app folder src/app/main.ts: Compiles the application with […]

Angular2 – Unit testing – introduction

Introduction This Section only provides an Introduction to Unit Testing an Angular 2 App. It’s NOT a detailed Guide about that neither is it a detailed Introduction to Unit Testing in general. Check out the “Further Resources” (last Lecture in this Module) to dive deeper into these topics. Why units tests? Analyzing the testing setup (as created by […]

NPM as a build tool

[Fuente:] Detailed info in npm a great package manager, but npm has a great subset of functionality dedicated to running tasks to facilitate in a packages lifecycle – in other words, it is a great tool for build scripts. npm Scripts Firstly, we need to figure out how npm can manage our build scripts. […]