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AngularJs: Multidioma

[Fuente :] Easy global i18n angularJS language translations for your Angular app As worldwide access to the web increases, we as developers are constantly pressed to make our apps internationally and locally accessible. When a user visits our apps, he or she should be able to switch languages on the fly at runtime. Given […]

Angular JS: Javascript promises

[Fuente:] En este artículo hablamos sobre el concepto de objecto promise que varias librerias Javascript utilizan (incluyendo AngularJS , jQuery , Dojo y WinJS). Una promise es un patrón para manejar operaciones asíncronas. El problema es que esencialmente cuando comienzas una operación asíncrona, necesitas ejecutar cierto código cuando la operación se ha completado. El […]

AngularJs: Single Page Apps with AngularJS Routing and Templating

[Fuente:] Overview Single page apps are becoming increasingly popular. Sites that mimic the single page app behavior are able to provide the feel of a phone/tablet application. Angular helps to create applications like this easily. Our Simple App We’re just going to make a simple site with a home, about, and contact page. Angular […]

Angular JS: UI-bootstrap

Getting started Dependencies This repository contains a set of native AngularJS directives based on Bootstrap’s markup and CSS. As a result no dependency on jQuery or Bootstrap’s JavaScript is required. The only required dependencies are: AngularJS (minimal version 1.0.8) Bootstrap CSS (tested with version 3.0.3). This version of the library (0.10.0) works only with Bootstrap CSS in version 3.x. 0.8.0 is […]

AngularJs: Kickstart Your AngularJS Development with Yeoman, Grunt and Bower

[Fuente:] Whether you love or hate it, there’s no denying that AngularJS is the framework on every developer’s lips. It may not be for everybody, but AngularJS has a quirky, efficient and powerful feature set. Couple that with a few useful development tools like Yeoman, Grunt and Bower and you’ve got yourself an incredibly […]

AngularJS: End-to-end Testing

[Fuente:] If you’re starting a new Angular project, you may want to look into using Protractor, as it is going to replace the current method of E2E Testing in the near future. As applications grow in size and complexity, it becomes unrealistic to rely on manual testing to verify the correctness of new features, catch […]

AngularJS: Notes On AngularJS Scope Life-Cycle

[Fuente:] I have had the incredible good fortune of being part of some very talented developers ramping up on AngularJS. It is inevitable that questions surrounding scope life-cycle work their way into the process. These usually come in the form of “But how does AngularJS know when this value has changed so that it […]

AngularJS: Building Huuuuuge Apps with AngularJS

[Fuente:] The AngularJS documentation is great for getting started and for looking up specific API calls. However, it doesn’t really tell you how to organize and manage your app as it grows to tens or hundreds of thousands of lines of code. I’ve collected here some of my observations and best practices for how […]