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[Fuente:] Sobre React-Leaflet Esta librería proporciona una abstracción de Leaflet en forma de React components. No reemplaza a Leaflet, sólo se basa en los React’s lifecycle methods para invocar los handlers relevantes de Leaflet. Puedes leer más información sobre el proceso del ciclo de vida en How it works. Por favor asegúrate que entiendes todos los core concepts y limitations para evaluar si esta […]

GIS: CartoDB.js from the ground up

[Fuente:] This introduction to CartoDB.js from the ground up will take you through the common uses of the library. You’ll start out by pulling your maps from CartoDB with only a few lines of code. Later you’ll customize your maps with JavaScript, interact with the data, add custom SQL queries, integrate other features, and […]

GIS: What is CartoDB

[Fuente:] It’s a location intelligence tool to create amazing visualizations of geospatial data in the cloud. Upload your data, create your visualizations without a line of code and share them with the world. Editor CartoDB is the web’s easiest tool to create, share, and publish your interactive maps. Use our powerful in-browser Editor to […]