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Google App Engine (GAE)

GAE: Almacenando datos

Storing Data The App Engine environment provides a range of options for storing your data: App Engine Datastore provides a NoSQL schemaless object datastore, with a query engine and atomic transactions. Google Cloud SQL provides a relational SQL database for your App Engine application, based on the familiar MySQL database. Google Cloud Storage provides a […]

GAE: Primeros pasos

[Fuente:] This tutorial describes how to develop and deploy a simple Java project with Google App Engine. The example project, a guest book, demonstrates how to use the Java runtime environment, and how to use several App Engine services, including the datastore and Google Accounts. This tutorial has the following sections: Introduction Installing the […]

GAE: Introducción al App Engine Java

Con App Engine , podemos construir aplicaciones web utilizando tecnologia Java estandar y ejecutarlas en las infraestructuras escalables de Google. El entorno Java proporciona una máquina virtual Java 6 , un interfaz de Servlets de Java y soporte para interfaces estandares para acceder a los datastores y servicios escalables de Google, tales como JDO, JPA, […]